My Greatest Christmas Gift, My Baby Girl, and a Valuable Reminder

Exactly one week ago, on Christmas morning, I received the most incredible gift I could ever have asked for; the arrival of my baby girl, Lantana Cherie Schiada. Easily the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, I’m sure her daddy would agree that Lantana has instantly become the love of our lives. Already a considerate girl, she was out in three pushes and slept thru the first two nights so mommy could get some good rest. If only the nurses and doctors hadn’t startled me every two hours to take my vitals.


5 lbs 10 oz, a head blanketed with gold tipped hair, long lashes, plump pink lips, and that soft silky baby skin I can’t stop nuzzling. Her hands are so expressive, constantly reaching and stretching with long slender and powerful fingers that are gonna make for one hell of a piano player should she choose. Legs are mighty too. She likes kicking her way up mom and dad’s chest and nuzzling her head beneath our chin, her nightly resting place.

On day 3 she made our eyes go wide when she rolled over during her very first session of tummy time. And the girl loves to eat, not unlike her mom and dad. Two nights ago she had me feeding her every hour and a half! Goodbye nipple sensitivity! Thankfully they’ve already built up quite a tolerance.

I can picture her as the 2 year old version I dreamed of while she was still growing in my belly; dark brown curls and thick lashed, bright eyes. I was trying to teach her a few words and she had one upped me by responding in complete sentences. The morning I woke up from that dream I felt this unmatched sensation of joy. It was like the anticipation you felt as a kid, when you were allowed to open one gift at midnight on Christmas Eve. Back when you believed in Santa, but better, much, MUCH better.

Seven days later it is now January 1st, 2015. Papa and I decided to get up early and take our babies (Honey, our sweet dog and first child) to the beach to watch the sun rise. We recalled what we did the year before. We were both living in L.A. at the time and hadn’t even had our first date yet. He was camping up in Joshua tree while I was celebrating at a friend’s house in the SF Valley. Now we’re living in Hawaii and we’re a FAMILY.


It’s incredible what can happen in a year. Or even a day. The morning Lantana was born I witnessed in amazement as her face changed completely from hour to hour! When she first said hello, I wondered who this white baby was but by the time we transitioned from delivery room to recovery room her looks began hugging her mama’s asian side. Then back to daddy’s face by the end of the night. I can only imagine what she’ll look like by the end of this week!

So many BIG changes in such a short amount of time. It has all served to prove me a valuable reminder; Each and every moment should be cherished because it can all change so fast. However for the same reason, it is important not to dwell in each moment too long. And so, for the sake of honoring that reminder, I’m gonna get back to spending time with my beautiful baby girl.

Happy New Year!

Author: Cara Horibe

A writer, an artist, a lover of many things, and a peace activist with a mission to set the Love Revolution in motion.

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