Thank You, Internet [Baltimore Beyond the Headlines]

Today I just wanted to take the time out to say, Thank You Internet. It is because of you that I am able to see different views of current events such as the Baltimore riots and I am not solely reliant on one sided media outlets with agendas of their own. Because of you I do not just see the picture the news has been painting of violence, destruction, and chaos amongst angry citizens. Because of you I also see peaceful protests, good samaritans coming together to clean their community, and compassionate officers empathizing with concerned advocates, and because of this I can more accurately form my own opinion of the matter.



Thanks to you I can share my support for these riots because I am inspired to see people uniting, fighting for a worthy cause, proving that there is Power in numbers, and that we can overcome anything if we stick together and find our common ground. We are fighting for equality but we can’t win that war by sitting quietly and being obedient citizens. It’s gonna take people standing up, together, and speaking their minds and hearts loud enough for the whole world to hear. However, even if you disagree with my opinion, still, I am grateful for you (Internet) because, thanks to you, at least I have the opportunity to offer another perspective, and that’s what matters most.

Baltimore Beyond the Headlines


Author: Cara Horibe

A writer, an artist, a lover of many things, and a peace activist with a mission to set the Love Revolution in motion.

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