This Woman Did Yoga on the Highway While Stuck in 2-Hour Traffic Jam

Perspective can enslave you or it can free you. You may not always choose the scenarios that arise in your life, but you can always choose how you will react to them, and in that choice you create your happiness (or misery).

In an effort to “clear the traffic in her mind”, this bored driver hopped out of her vehicle last Wednesday to do some good ol’ fashioned blacktop yoga.

The woman, Kristin Bjornsen, had been sitting in a bumper to bumper Miami traffic jam for two hours before finally deciding to do something fun.

The driver behind her snapped a photo of Kristin’s spur of the moment cobra pose, resulting in a hilarious example of roadside stress relief.

Author: Cara Horibe

A writer, an artist, a lover of many things, and a peace activist with a mission to set the Love Revolution in motion.

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