Woman Pays for Man’s Shortage

Submitted by Maggie Eriksson from Ft Lauderdale, Fl

In a poorer neighborhood grocery store a shabbily dressed man counted out all his change for his purchases. Counting all his pennies, nickles and dimes he was $1.50 short. Among his purchases was baby food. He turned to the next customer in line, a woman of a different race, and pleaded if she could help him with a dollar and a half. Instead she said “You can’t go around without a penny in your pocket”, and instructed the clerk to give him back five dollars and put the rest that he was short on her bill. He was overwhelmed with gratitude and embraced her with “God bless you”. She responded “God bless you, too; I’ve been where you are.” I saw it and hope I can do the same some time.

Source: randomactsofkindness.org
Pic Source via http://thetowne.net/category/making-money/

Author: Cara Horibe

A writer, an artist, a lover of many things, and a peace activist with a mission to set the Love Revolution in motion.

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